Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Step-by-Step Tech Training

Until I figure out how to upload video to this blog (my own tech challenge!) to demonstrate a few tech things I've tried recently, I will direct your attention to a very cool blog I found put out by PLCMC (Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County). The folks over there have presented a challenge to their employees to try 23 things related to Learning 2.0 technology. It's self-directed, very easy to navigate and walks you through things like Flickr, creating a blog and YouTube. A fabulous way to tackle some new tech!


Pierre Lacoste said...

Nice blog!
Here is a recommendation for your site:
"Words at Large" is a CBC radio podcast about books
"Writers and Comapny" is excellent radio interviews with authors. They are currently doing a series on Turkish authors.
"Between the Covers" is about canadian books

They can all be found at:\

(I really like "Ideas" and "DNTO" podcasts)

Red said...

Tara -

I did the same thing when I first uploaded the Library Thing widget. It does not seem like it is loading and so I repeated the process a number of times. The good news is that you got it there.

I will sit tonight and write down the instructions for loading a slideshow. It is also a bit fiddly, but very satisfying. It is contingent on you having a flickr account - which isvery simple. I had one for ages because of Shelly inviting me in to see her images. I did not keep images there, but will noe load albums just in order to make links to my blog.

Am also playing with the idea of a quick audio link and how to do that.

Red said...

Tara -

Just wanted to pass this along to you - the Free Dictionary website has some cool bloggable links to things like word-of-the-day. I am sending you the link to the main page, and also the blog link page (which you can access from the main page in the top right hand corner - various little icons, if you scroll over them they tell you what they are). Just thought that maybe one of them would be interesting for your TLC blog.