Monday, 31 October 2011

Double the Fun

A while back, I ordered a book called Not a Box and loved it. All that creativity in one short book was great, but how would I use it in the library when it was just a quick book to share?

Enter the fabulous website called Draw a Stickman, recommended by my friend Laura. Since both the book and the website are all about creativity, it was a perfect combination. I read the book*, we brainstormed some activities that make us feel creative**, and then I showed them the website and did it together. (I won't spoil the fun here as surprise is everything, so please try it yourself!) We then had enough time for everyone to play on the site themselves before checking out. Double the creativity. Love it!

*What took me by surprise is that I read this all the way up to 3rd grade, and everyone ate it up.

**Their answers for what makes them feel creative were so cool. My favorite was a 1st grader who said, I feel creative when I ask questions. Like when I asked my mom why the walls don't just fall down. Then I felt creative."