Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Fun and Learning

Lucky me to have received a DVD gift from a friend who is a parent at the Singapore American School. The principal, David Hoss, has created characters called Hop-a-Long and Shoo-Fly (played by himself and vice-principal, Ken Schunk), and these characters put on an educational variety show for students. Dancing, songs, literature and just plain fun are included, as well as a central theme. The primary librarian at Singapore American School is also a part of the show, and he looks like he is having a blast playing Mr. Bookman. Another character on the show looks like she might be a relative of his. This was the absolute perfect way to end a year in the library this week. Kids loved that there was a real principal and a real vice-principal and a real librarian and real science teacher making a movie. This is a great addition to any elementary library collection for both the information learned and the fun had.
Permission granted by Mr. Bookman to show his image online. Image taken from http://hop-a-long.com/