Friday, 12 October 2007

Great Smartboard Site

A friend introduced me to Starfall, a great site that teaches reading skills to younger grades but also has lessons designed to be used with an interactive whiteboard. I am pretty new to Smartboards, but I want to learn quickly to give teachers the opportunity to see how Smartboards can be a great tool to use in the library. My plan is to invite a few first grade classes in with their teacher while I demonstrate the Snowman activity and hope that the word spreads and others want to see what it's all about. With the program called Snowman, there are numerous opportunities for young kids to come up and practice using the Smartboard.

Note: In China, the site has stories in both Chinese and English and computers will automatically go to However, recently it will only show a sample (Snowman is one of the samples) if you are not a member. The US site does not require membership.

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Jim Hollis said...

I'm so glad you're telling others about Starfall. It's such a great site and should be utilized regularly inside the classroom.

Here's a video of my 6 year old daughter Jasmine and me doing a play using the SmartBoard and Starfall. Wouldn't this be a fun thing to do in 1st grade!

SmartBoard and Starfall