Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Global Collaborative Projects

One of the best ways to get teachers into the library for some true team-teaching and learning is to offer the opportunity to do a collaborative project. My own participation in the Books Go Global! wiki has been a great example of meaningful learning for me, the classroom teacher and the students are we create digital book reviews. However, the question is "How do you find out about these projects?" I feel ready to start another project, and I found a great website at Global School Net that has a list of collaborative projects anyone can join. From something as simple as the Monster Motel where kids from all around the globe add a drawing of a monster to a room in a cyberhotel to creating a video of your city to add to a virtual field trip site, there is something for every level of technology experience here. When you enter the site, go to COLLABORATE NOW and then FIND PARTNERS OR PROJECTS for a list of what is out there. A great place to get your feet wet in connecting with others via the library!

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Brian said...


(1) I've taught in China before (can see some pics on blog and C 2.0
(2) I'm a tech teacher in Virginia and have a librarian that wants to do more with his blog, but students are not seeming interested. Any ideas? Maybe a collaborative project could be done? Would love to hear ideas.