Thursday, 21 February 2008

Organizing Ideas

I was turned on to Journler the other day during a technology session at our school, and I love it. The basic premise of Journler is that it is a place to write down ideas to have them stored all in one place. Instead of what I tend to do with information, which is writing down websites on random pieces of paper or forgetting which great idea I found on which blog, you can quickly enter them into your Journler account and categorize the information as well. It's free, fairly easy to use, and I love having different folders for keeping ideas and memories organized. Even better, you can add pictures and even use audio . My husband is a musician and is loving the fact that he can quickly record a riff or a verse to a song and have it catalogued before he forgets it. I see it as being a potential tool for student reflection.


red said...

t- the journler link is not working. just wanted to let you know.

popo said...

Do you know what format to use? Maybe I need a Mac??? Downloaded it but couldn't find what to open it in. Sounds like it would be great for my retreat stuff or maybe writing??

Love, Mom