Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Voicethread and Kinders

Voicethread is still one of my favorite tech tools to use due to its simple format and its appeal as an easy, fun way to record kids' voices.

Inspired by Mrs. Gamache's kindergarten class, I met with one of our kindergarten teachers here at ISB and suggested we do something along the same lines of taking a familiar nursery rhyme and changing the words. She loved the idea, and so did the kids.

Here is the kindergarteners' final project. Quick, easy and great fluency practice. Embedding something like this into a class blog would be a fabulous way to share with parents.


IMC Guy said...

Very neat project. Out of curiosity, why didn't you use the computer for the artwork? Perhaps KidPix or some other drawing program.

Tara said...

great question! we are in the midst of trying to find some target people who are interested in getting their feet wet with technology in the classroom. This teacher was just wanting to record at this point, but I love the idea of extending it in a future project. :)

Jemma said...

HI Ms. Ethridge! You might not remember me from second grade but I was in 2RB and your classroom was diagonal. I found your blog through a kid in Pudong. Anyways Hi!