Thursday, 30 September 2010

5 iPad apps for the Wee Ones

I'm always grateful when I come across posts recommending iPad apps, so here are my recent picks.
Hanoch Piven, an amazing artist and author, has an app out that is so much fun and very creative. It's called Faces iMake
and uses object art to create various faces. Tons of fun and excellent for children to tap into creativity.*

The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin is a great story that is now on the iPad (how I wish more kids' books were on the iPad...) There are options to read it yourself or have it read to you, as well as lots of interactive sounds.

ShapeBuilder is perfect for spatial awareness in younger children. This one is a hit in our house.

Spell N Say Lite encourages spelling practice but with the cool factor of touching the speaker button to hear your word. What I love about this one is that there is a natural interest in spelling a word just to hear it said.

Piffle's ABC book of Funny Animals is great for matching pictures to words. There are a number of different animals to match, and then there is a song that goes along with each of them.

*Creativity in this Faces iMake is from my daughter.

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Eyal Dessou-Tzafrir said...

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