Thursday, 14 October 2010

Instant Gratification

On the wonderful Year of Reading blog, I found a book trailer for The Magnificent 12 by Michael Grant. I'm always keen to show our students book trailers to get them excited, and the power of this type of media is nothing short of amazing. When I showed the trailer during recess, a big crowd gathered, and I was bombarded with questions like, "Is this a series? Is there a movie?" The excitement was palpable.

Then, from the back of the room, a voice piped up,

"I've just downloaded the sample on my Kindle."

And here I thought me getting it by December would be fabulous! I love that this is just another peek into the possible future of reading.
Lucky me got to read the first few chapter with a group of 5th grade girls during lunch recess later that day. It's funny and adventure mixed together, and I can't wait to get it for our Hub.

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