Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Hubmobile

Sadly, most of Bangkok is underwater at the moment, and our school was closed unexpectedly for two weeks. Even though our area is dry (thankfully!), the students were going a bit crazy without any new books from the Hub.

Some quick thinking created the Hubmobile. Our fabulous yellow golf cart became an old-fashioned booknmobile set up right next to our neighborhood grocery store. It quickly became a fun way for kids to come and check out some books to replenish their supply. I loved every second of it!

An extra bonus was that my daughter loved being the announcer. "GET YOUR BOOKS!" Beyond cute!


Gwen Martin said...

Yet another way you prove what an asset you are to ISB. I am sure everyone was over the moon to see some reading material. Sojo is too cute.

Popo said...

I love the girl with the megaphone telling everyone to "get your books here". Who is that cute girl?