Thursday, 5 July 2007

FBA-Todd Parr

This author/illustrator is one of my favorites! Being home in the US for the summer, I have a basket of books that I read with my six-year old niece. Without fail, the ones she chooses to read over and over (and over!) again are my Todd Parr books, and a recommendation from a first grader is considered an expert opinion in my book. His books are beautiful in their simplicity and whimsical nature with a message gently tucked inside. In my search for an image of Todd Parr's books, I came across his website . This discovery is one of my favorite things about technology--you start by looking for one thing and wind up going down paths along the way that lead you to fantastic new information. I had no idea that he had a TV show and is also a designer! My library will be stocked with all his books, including a new book coming out in the fall about adopted children called We Belong Together.


Vicki A. Davis said...

I still just love your blog and will feature it on my blog tomorrow morning! You are an excellent blogger!

Ana Maria said...


what a nice blog you have. I love reading too and am very enthusiastic about edutech. I´m an EFL teacher in Brazil and from your sidebar I can see it´s one country you haven´t been to, YET, I think. Read about your blog in Vicki´s blog and have also written a post about it.

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Check out the blog post. I am certainly coming to read more posts.