Monday, 25 June 2007

Global Learning

While perusing other edublogs today, I landed on one called The Connected Classroom, created by Kristin Hokanson, and one of the postings had a list of global resource sites. Being that global living is my gig, I checked some of them out. My favorite was one called KATW, or Kids Around the World. Put out by the Peace Corps, it has interviews and photos from children around the world doing everyday things. In trying to find ways to integrate with classroom teachers next year as our school launches flexible scheduling, this is a great lesson that I am tucking away for the fall. What a great way to shake up the traditional "come to the library, check out a book on a country and study the people of that country" lesson. Most of the interviews can be either read online or listened to, which enables younger students to obtain the information as well. Lesson plan ideas are included, as well as a Returned Peace Corps Volunteers section that allows you to contact returned volunteers in your area to bring in as guest speakers. Check out The Connected Classroom for more globetrotting ideas.


Kristin Hokanson said...

Hey Tara--
Thanks for the shout out-- I have been developing a wiki too for collaborative projects that emphasize 21st Century skills

AND I highly recommend if you are looking to globe trot :) that you join the global education ning Developed by Lucy Gray (who ran the workshop I blogged about)

Ann Oro said...

I found your blog via a delicious link from the Cool Cat Teacher blog. I'm glad I stopped by, I like this idea. Thanks for sharing.