Friday, 22 June 2007

Canadian Authors

Canada has so much to offer in the way of literature and music, and all too often we Americans don't know what we are missing from our lovely neighbor (or neighbour to the Canadians) to the North. My good friend Pierre sent me the link to the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) radio where there is plenty to peruse in regards to Canadian and international literature. Between the Covers highlights Canadian contemporary fiction, and, although it is no longer broadcasting new readings, there are plenty of archived readings to enjoy. Worth checking out!


MrsE said...

Just discovered your lovely blog, thanks to a post from Vicki Davis (Cool Cat Teacher). Glad to hear you both know about and enjoy some of our Canadian authors. You might be interested in CM Magazine: Canadian Reviews online
which runs reviews of children's books. The Dewey Divas and Dudes who are book reps and often write about kids books
And Tough City Writer, an author who writes about kids books in her blog.

News From Jackson said...

Hi Tara, I also found my way to your blog via Vicki Davis. As I was looking at the books that you were sharing, the simple design reminded me of the work of Bren Bataclan. You and your students may enjoy seeing some of his work and hearing about his 'Smile' program. Bren collaborated with the third grade students in our school last year to create a mural about all of the topics that they learned in social studies. The children drew a character based on his work and he incorporated it into his mural.. It was great fun for all.