Saturday, 24 May 2008

Our Friend Dewey

With all the integrating with classroom curriculum in regards to library lessons, I realized sometime in March that the majority of kids still had no clue about how to find a book on their own. So, I started looking for ways to teach the Dewey Decimal system that wouldn't be so boring that I would lose them all in the first five minutes. There's not a ton of stuff out there, but I did find a good Webquest and decided to use that as my teaching tool. Sure enough, the adventures through the sections of the library and finding mystery letters along the way to break a code was just motivating enough to generate responses such as, "This is so cool!" from 4th graders. Our three week mini-unit ended with me creating a Dewey Decimal Jeopardy game using a template. Just fill in what you want on this and use it for tons of great activities.

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