Tuesday, 6 May 2008

President for a Day

A colleague found this awesome website at PBS KIDS where students (or grownups) can fill in their basic information and be guided through what it is like to be President for a day. The day starts at 6:00 with choices of what to do before the appointments start, and each page has photos of former U.S. Presidents in action with factual information. It is just the right amount of content to hold kids' attention and teach something at the same time. When you finish going through the whole day, a news article is written about your day as President. Pretty cool!

Decided to take this one step further with a willing teacher, and we are going to make a student-created movie based on a day in the life of a President. Small groups will take portions of the day, write a script, act it out and film using the very cool and kid-friendly FLIP cameras. One of the groups will add in random Presidential facts between takes. Loving the idea of finding a fun way to understand the President's job a bit more.

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