Thursday, 9 October 2008

Multimedia in the Hub

My partner Kim, the 21st century digital learning specialist, and I, the library lady, are trying to find ways to be a resource to classroom teachers by enhancing their ongoing curriculum. After some brainstorming, we came up with an idea to have a multimedia day in the Learning Hub. Our guinea pig classes were the 4th grade as they are studying water in their science curriculum.

We kept it simple for everyone and had three rotations of 15 minutes a piece (in hindsight, we needed more time for each rotation). One rotation was exploring websites we had found that were level-appropriate and one was a reading time with all the book resources I pulled from the shelves. The last rotation was my favorite: a slideshow of water around the world, in various forms and using very thought-provoking pictures with only one or two words on the slide. Stopping every five slides or so to have a 'turn and talk' discussion about what they see is where we are going the next time.

Our hope is that this can become a more consistent supplement to the ongoing curriculum as a means of using our Hub as a continual resource. Fingers crossed!


Colleen said...

Great idea, Tar! I love it! :o) I love the fun activities you can do at the elementary level.

brenna said...

Hi Miss Tara! Your blog is awesome! Please check out my blog at I miss you.

Brandon said...

Hi Miss Tara you blog is so cool. I miss you. From Brandon Hu from SAS.

Harley said...

Hey Ms Tara,
I miss you from SAS... Hopefully you remember me, I'm Harley from last year in 5th grade. I am currently in 6th grade and having fun.

I miss you,

Melisa said...

Hi Ms. Tara!

How is ISB? I am going there for a swim meet in March so I will visit you! Isn't the library there awesome?

-Melisa :)