Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Google Docs

Oh, the myriad of tools available on Google now! Just this school year, I have been introduced to the wonder of what is called a "Google Doc." It's a brilliant concept--a word document that all invited can see (you need a gmail account to do so)and everyone can also edit the document at the same time. With this feature, a group of people working on a document can edit from anywhere and save the changes, continually adding to the existing document that everyone sees.

Google docs can be found in the upper left-hand corner of your gmail account page. Click NEW to start the document and SHARE to invite the people in your group.


Colleen said...

Unrelated comment here! How do you like your Kindle? My friend in the US is thinking about getting one and wants feedback from someone that has one. Would you recommend it? I'd love to get one if I could download stuff do it whenever I wanted. I wonder when we'll be able to use it overseas.


Red said...

Tara - I have been using Google Docs for a while. On Tetra Blink I keep the rubrics for my kids to download or refer to. I am sure that I could be utilizing it much more, but so far, I too am finding it very useful.