Monday, 11 January 2010

Hello Destiny 9.5!

You know you love being a librarian when you anxiously await the updates to the Destiny system. Over the December holiday, we updated to 9.5, and what I most wanted to explore was the social networking component. New to Destiny (thanks for listening, Follett!), it works much like Facebook and allows kids to talk about books, recommend books and also organize their book lists much like Shelfari.

Things I am loving already after only one day of classes

1. Kids having a place to record what they are reading and share that with their peers
2. The frenzy of friend adding and them feeling so excited
3. Watching them navigate a new site with little help from me--lots of opportunity to be intuitive
4. Going to Destiny right now to take a screenshot and seeing that kids were on it tonight adding to their book lists and recommending.

My favorite of the day came from one particulary dry-witted student who turned to me and said, "We should call it Bookface."

Get it? Facebook--Bookface.

And, lastly, the coolest library card generator ever! Put in whatever text you want and add the scribbles.

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IMC Guy said...

Very cool. We use Alexandria, which currently doesn't have a feature like this. I hope the kids put it to good use.