Sunday, 17 January 2010

Reading Challenge for Kids

I'm loving the 100 book Reading Challenge and keeping track of my titles on the sidebar of my Great Reads! book blog. This first week back to school, I have invited ISB students to join me, and I am thrilled that many of them are giving it a try. Thrilled mainly because there is no prize whatsoever except for the personal challenge part. Of course, I did mention the cool points of having your picture up on the bulletin board outside, but means we've got some true readers on our hands.

To make the goal more attainable, students are starting with 20 books and then moving on to higher numbers once they reach that first goal.

Logistics-wise, I have provided those who want it a paper to record their titles or we are using the new features of Destiny Quest (HAVE READ bookshelf) or those students who already have blogs are also using their sidebars to track them.

My next step is to invite teachers. Some have already noticed on their own and joined. Even one parent has joined the challenge!

I love how this fabulous teacher already has her list outside her classroom door. Very motivating!

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