Monday, 15 March 2010

Digital Book Reviews- Compiling Our Work

My small group of 5th graders is chugging away at making their digital book trailers, and we are highlighting one a week on the Destiny home page. This week's Lightning Thief is pretty popular, and I love that a pair of boys are entering the foray of nonfiction trailers.

My original plan was to move the showcased trailer into a link next to the book title within the catalog, but I have since discovered that you can only upload from the computer itself and not use any sort of embedding at this time. A bit of a bummer for me because the simplicity of PhotoPeach is fantastic, but I've come up with plan B: a wiki dedicated to ISB book trailers. It's at the beginning stages but hopefully will grow over time. I've also added a link on the Destiny homepage to the wiki, and students are using it well.

My fingers are crossed that Destiny 10.0 will include embedding a link as an update feature in June.

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