Monday, 29 March 2010

A Virtual Tour

We've recently done a complete redesign of our Hub, and it feels great. The feedback from kids, parents and teachers is so positive that I thought I'd make a virtual tour for others to see.

It would be great if librarians around the world did the same and posted it on their blogs so we all can have a look inside. If you do make a video, please leave a comment so I can see your library!


Angie said...

WOW. Your place is beautiful! My library is in the middle of a hallway. I wish I was kidding but I'm not. Maybe I'll do a tour. We do have some things we're proud of, despite trying to teach lessons with 400 people walking by on their way to lunch/music/science lab/the office/the nurse. Thanks for sharing!

Becky Maher said...

What a great idea, Tara! You have a beautiful and very inviting library! I laughed when I read Angie's comment because our library is a walkway in the middle of everything, too. I'll try to get a tour posted soon. Thanks, again!

Judy Uhrig said...

I love your new library! We will be getting a new Media Center next year and I will certainly send you a link to my tour video when I create it!! I'm jealous-I'm sure we won't be getting any bubble chairs!

maryw said...

Your space is beautiful! I love the bright colors and fun furniture. I didn't see many tables and chairs. Is there a classroom area for teaching whole classes?

Tara said...

So glad that posting the video was a good idea. I can't wait to see others' videos. Many of you make a great point that there are tons of good things going on, even in libraries that are crammed in a hallway!

Mary, we are finding that because we have laptop carts for many grade levels, the library is not being used as much as a whole-class teaching space. We are using couches and chairs to meet and then kids can break off in different areas to work. :)

Dear Librarian said...

It's looking just superb Tara! Nice job. I love all the signage and different collections you have displayed around the library. Nice touch with the student art--a must! I love your library. It's so cozy and vibrant at the same time.

I need to make a virtual tour too--but first, I need to make sure it's all looking okay!!

Nice job. Cool idea. Way to go!!