Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Celebrating Characters We Love

A while back, a small group of 4th grade boys approached me and asked if I would help them start a Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief club. We sat down during a few lunch recesses and mapped out what they wanted to do, and before we knew it, their club idea morphed into what will hopefully be the first of many of our Celebrating Characters We Love events in the Hub.

We got many of our ideas from Rick Riordan himself at his site. (scroll down until you get to Percy Party Event Guide). Please note that because of the mature content in the book, we are only offering this event to 3rd, 4th and 5th graders--we felt like the little ones would have little connection to the book.

This is what ours is going to look like:

*Kids can come in costume if they want. I am planning a fabulous Medusa outfit!

*We will have 5 different activities that the participants will visit during the hour-long event. The plan is to have it be very organic and let kids move at their own pace, with teachers and/or parents supervising the areas.

*Activities will be in various areas of the Hub. The students have named the areas and we will have big signs directing partcipants.

1. Poseidon's Home-Make your own name tag in Greek letters (borrowed from the Rick Riordan site)

2. Hephaestus' Workshop/Tech zone-play games about Greek mythology (borrowed from this Rick Riordan site)

3. Mt. Olympus-Take a Percy Jackson quiz and try to be the person with the most correct answers for a prize (adapted from the Rick Riordan site)

4. The Underworld-Make a craft activity of either Medusa or a cyclops (borrowed from the Rick Riordan site)

5. Camp Half Blood-watch a short movie on Mt. Olympus

*Ambrosia (apple juice) and cookies will be served after the activities. If I am feeling really ambitious or find a parent who is, I'd love to serve the cupcakes above!

Mind you, it hasn't taken place yet, but it still seems to be stress-free, simple and fun from my perspective. Exactly how I want it to be.

Ours is on May 14! Can't wait. Here is the promotional video we are sending out to kids. Still loving Photopeach

yummy image from here


Miss M said...

I love your ideas for a Percy Jackson book club. I did a mythology bee earlier in the year for the Percy Jackson lovers at my school.

Librareane said...

Wow! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas. I love doing these kinds of things with kids in our library too!

Becky Maher said...

I love these ideas! What fun!

Robye said...

How fun! I'm dying to know what other character days you have had - maybe if I keep reading, I'll find out.