Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Spilling Ink

There has been so much talk in the blogosphere about the new book by Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter, Spilling Ink, that I knew I couldn't possibly wait to read it until August when our overseas book orders arrive. to the rescue! As luck would have it, the book was delivered mere minutes before I headed out the door to start my spring break vacation.

I blazed through it--dog-earing pages, nodding my head, all the while wishing I were a classroom teacher again. To go through the whole book with kids to see what resonates with them as writers. To share the 'realness' of Anne and Ellen (such voice these two have!) and how hard writing is but how good it also feels.

But mostly, I'd love to watch them dive into the chapter endings of 'I DARE YOU' ideas. My plan is to do more than a few of them myself and see what happens with my own writing.

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Teaching Sagittarian said...

When you've finished "dog-earring" corners, I'd love to have a read too please :)