Thursday, 24 June 2010

The First Book of Summer

My husband discovered this gem while browsing the bookstore the other day, and I was hooked from the first page. I did decide to wait and buy it on the Kindle because it was much cheaper, but I'm loving it as my first book of the summer. It's informative, funny and so perfect in how it addresses how relevant librarians truly are today. The author, Marilyn Johnson, is not a librarian, but I like that someone outside our field felt strongly enough to write a whole book about how we are anything but obsolete. An interesting side note is that she became interested in librarians after writing a book about obituaries--she found that librarians tended to have these really interesting lives. Not surprising.

Any other suggestions for great summer reading?


LifeLongLearner said...

I agree whole heartedly that this book is inspiring.

Another great audio podcast is "Circulate This: Stories from the School Library". The California School LIbrary Association created this powerful advocation tool.

You can get it free iTunes through this site:

Margo J.
Cub Run Elementary School Librarian

Amy said...

Have you seen the Backyardigans episode about librarians? I love it. It's called the Masked Avenger (I think) & I keep meaning to put it on a thumb drive and bring it in to Barbara. So cute.