Monday, 23 August 2010

Lovin' the iPad!

Oh, the lovely iPad! It sits on my desk during the school day and kids come up and take it to use during recess time. I've even had kids meet me at the door in the morning just to be the first in line to use it. Sharing one iPad with 670 students will prove to be challenging, but I'm glad it's a huge success already.

Currently, the two most popular apps are I Spy Spooky House (the kids kick my behind in this one!) and Issac Newton's Gravity. At this point, no one has used it as a reader, but I think this is because they have such a limited amount of time.

What still amazes me is how intuitive the iPad is for kids. They just sit down and figure it out. I love watching that because it is truly so different than many of us adults. My daughter is a real pro at the iPad, and I feel like I'm watching the future when she uses it.

Here's a little demo of how simple it is:


Chrissy H said...

I think Miss Sojo should model all the iPad apps for us - she is just too darn cute!

Anonymous said...

I have 2 children and the 3 years old one loves to play with ipad. I try to choose the apps in order i am sure they are learning meanwhile they learn.

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