Thursday, 26 August 2010

Series Organization

Since our Kevin Hennah library design visit last August, we've been trying to pull together our space with common colors and design to make it look professional. One of the last pieces in our design was doing something with our series baskets at the entrance to the Hub. I love that kids can easily find the series they are looking for in baskets rather than hunting on the shelves, but ours were randomly colored and in poor condition. Our locally made bins arrived this week, and I am in organizational heaven. They are gorgeous, and I find myself looking at them the minute I enter the door. Exactly what we wanted!
And this was the picture I had to take this morning before school of the big group of students all huddled around the iPad playing Gravity HD. I love the collaborative nature of the iPad for kids.


Colleen said...

I love, love, love the baskets! I'm creating more baskets, but my library is so tiny and cramped I don't have much room for them. Yikes!

Ms. O said...

I'm presenting on teacher librarian blogs at the Resource Roundup for my local regional education services center. Would love to be able to include a screen shot of yours as I always enjoy your posts. Wanted to check with you, though, as the presentation may end up being posted online. Feel free to check out my VERY new blog through this Google login. Or email me if you have any questions.

katied said...

These are awesome and are making me think about how I could better design my baskets so they are a bit more inviting...LOVE your blog!!! I am adding you to my blogroll and google reader right now!! Thank you!