Monday, 7 March 2011


Nothing like a morning meeting with our fabulous tech lady to get the ideas flowing. Chrissy showed me Fotobabble, a tool that allows you to add voice to a single picture. Quick and easy, I made one to add to our Destiny homepage as a way of advertising our upcoming Celebrating Characters We Love event. Just upload the photo and record your voice.


Michael Peach said...

Fotobabble is babbulous. Looking forward to using it soon.

Here's my newest favourite 2.0 all in one shopping / idea site.

Looking forward to BKK and seeing everyone. Are you going to the Lit stuff with the girls at NESA?

Tara said...

Peach, Thanks for the site! I'm going to a conference in Turkey this May where Joyce is the keynote. Even doing the pre-conference with her, and I can't wait.

No NESA for me this year. :)