Thursday, 28 February 2013

Cat the Cat, Who is That?

Mo Willems

Who doesn't love Mo Willems? I love how many of his books can go across grade levels seamlessly, and we are huge fans of anything Gerald and Piggie do. When I used this book with K4, it was a smashing success. All the repetition, the concept of making a friend, and the oh-so-fabulous "BLARGIE! BLARGIE!" monster page--it was all wonderful. This was another book that they immediately took to reading on their own. For a few weeks there, there was a whole lot of "Blargie! Blargie!" going on in our classrooms. I'm thinking I'll check this one out again since we are knee deep in rhyming at the moment...

For some reason, the rest of the series was not as much a hit as this one. Perhaps it was the lack of Blargie! Blargie! 

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