Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Written & Illustrated by Bill Thomson

This wordless book is such fun, and the drawings are so realistic. A group of children head to the park on a rainy day to find a bag of sidewalk chalk hanging from a dinosaur toy's mouth. They soon discover that whatever they draw comes to life (this part was downright fascinating to my students), which can be fun or can be dangerous, depending on what you draw! 

On our reading table, this is one of the books that was read over and over and over. Even months after I had to return it to the library, my students still talk about this book, and my kindergarten daughter also loves it. One student recently came up to me, and with her limited English said, "" It took me a minute to figure out she meant Chalk, but it was so cool that she loved it so much. Our library copy is checked out, but this will definitely be one book I will buy for our own classroom. 

This was also a big hit with our 3 year olds but I could see it working with older kids as well! 

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