Saturday, 23 February 2013

Jan Thomas Love

I've been a fan of Jan Thomas' work since I first stumbled on her book, The Doghouse, at our local library a few summers ago. Kids adore her silliness and amazing illustrations, but her books are also chocked full of teachable moments.

We are currently LOVING Jan's work in K4, and here is what I am noticing from the wee ones:

1. They are making tons of connections between her various books, be it with characters or speech bubbles or rhyming. Sometimes we take longer to come up and show the connections than we do to actually read the book.

2. Little ones love the concept of ellipses (...) and how they make us wait just a little bit longer to see what will happen. I love reading Is Everyone Ready for Fun? and having them say aloud, "dot, dot, dot."

Our newest favorite is this one--it's not a rhyming book, but it's cheeky and hilarious and we are nuts over it. I'm so excited to share this basket of fun with the K4 Cuties tomorrow. We'll act it out with finger puppets from Jan's website! And just look at that cute couch for the cows to jump on and dance on like they do in the book.

Jan Thomas' work is not just for the tiny ones. It is witty and funny enough to work with older students as they will get her humor even more. 

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